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Friday, November 25, 2011

xNormal 3.17.7 released

An update of xNormal was released:

New in Version 3.17.7:
  • Added support to import/export WebP images ( which is aimed to replace JPG/JPG2K/GIF/PNG images ). 
  • Now it's possible to write image importers/exporters using Java. 
  • The FBX mesh importer has been completely rewritten. Now it can load the tangent basis from the files which is specially good if you use the Unity engine. 
  • Fixed several bugs ( CS5 filters, problem closing the SBM exporter in 3dsmax, use shortest diagonal, dilation in the OS2TS tool, Optix error message with some GPUs, etc... ).
  • Added a new experimental renderer based on the Caustic Graphics / Imagination Technologies's OpenRL ray tracing API. 
  • Added a new map type: the derivative normal maps ( which are aimed to replace old-school problematic tangent-space normal maps ). 
More information and download on 

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