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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Autodesk: 123D Make 1.20

A new version of 123D Make from Autodesk has been released.

New in Version 1.20:

  • Add dowels of various shapes and dimensions to help stack your sliced model. Set any diameter round or choose a rectangular or cross shaped dowel, and 123D Make will automatically generate aligned holes to be cut along with your slices.
  • Export STL has been added to the main menu. When you export as STL, 123D Make will save a .zip file containing a STL file for each slide plus one STL representing the entire sliced mesh. This is great for exporting to a 3D printer or to a CNC mill. CNC tool paths (G-code) can now be generated online in the new 123D CNC utility!
  • UI Enhancements. 
 Units are now more visible and easier to change. 
 Model re-size always comes up before choosing a slicing method.
More infos and download at

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