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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mandelbulber 1.11 released

A new version of Mandelbulber was released.
New in version 1.11:
  • added iteration fog effect (fog which density depends on iteration count). This fog cast shadows on fractal surface and on itself. Can be also iluminated by auxiliary lights and ambient occlusion. 
  • improved water animation effect 
  • disabling of SSAO and DOF when tile rendering is enabled 
  • OpenCL: added ambient occlusion effect 
  • OpenCL: added colouring algorithms 
  • OpenCL: added setting for OpenCL job size 
  • OpenCL: added new rendering engine "Crazy: iteration fog count" 
  • OpebCL: added Quaternion and Xonodreambuie formulas 
  • OpenCL: added volumetric fog effect - fixed bug: thumbanils weren't rendered properly
  • fixed bug: weird colour gradients 
  • added few example files for "iteration fog" effect
More info and download at

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