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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MeshMixer 07 Update 2

An update of the free Autodesk MeshMixer  was released.
New in MeshMixer 07 Update 2:

  • Fixed broken PLY import, OBJ export 
  • Transform tool now has 3-axis manipulator 
  • Extrude/Extract now have x/y/z axis direction options 
  • new Remesh tool for refinining and reducing areas (beta) 
  • new Join tool that automates ZipperBrush/Weld workflow (beta) 
  • Selection brush now has crease-angle threshold 
  • new hotbox (hold spacebar) 
  • view-axis snapping (in hotbox) 
  • visual camera controls (drag on icons in hotbox) 
  • fit-to-view on object or selection (in hotbox) 
  • custom background color (in hotbox) 
  • many other bugfixes/improvements
More info and download on

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