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Friday, December 23, 2011

Free Goodies in the 3D World Advent Calendar

On the website of the 3d world magazine is an advent calendar where you can get many goodies for free.

The 3D gifts until now:
  • Day 24 Exclusive free compositing software – Conduit Suite 3D for Macintosh
  • Day 23 10 free mini Maya tutorials to improve your modelling
  • Day 22 offered an exclusive free restaurant model set CG Workshop 
  • Day 21 offered two exclusive free tutorials from 3D Total 
  • Day 20 offered free textures from IDV 
  • Day 19 offered an exclusive free Christmas tree model fromIDV 
  • Day 18 offered an exclusive Old Wishing Well model fromDAZ 3D 
  • Day 17 offered six exclusive models from Cornucopia3D 
  • Day 16 offered two exclusive 3ds Max tutorials from Digital-Tutors 
  • Day 15 offered 130 XFrog plant models XFrog 
  • Day 14 offered set of metal fences, from Pariah Studios 
  • Day 13 offered some video training on Maya’s Transfer Maps, from Escape Studios 
  • Day 12 offered an Introduction to SpeedTree, from cmiVFX 
  • Day 11 offered DAZ 3D EmotiGuy, from DAZ 3D 
  • Day 10 offered the Old Village model for Vue, courtesy of e-on software 
  • Day 9 offered a free set of Substances, courtesy of Allegorithmic 
  • Day 8 offered the training video Beginner’s Guide to Image Planes in Maya, courtesy of Digital-Tutors 
  • Day 7 offered the Anime Star Fighter character model pack, courtesy of DAZ 3D 
  • Day 6 offered the training video Beginner’s Guide to 3ds Max, courtesy of Digital-Tutors 
  • Day 5 offered an Eames LCW Chair, from Pariah Studios 
  • Day 4 offered a Mixamo Animation Sampler Pack for M4 and V4.2, courtesy of DAZ 3D and Mixamo 
  • Day 3 offered some fantastic Unity training from Digital-Tutors 
  • Day 2 offered an HDRI set from Dutch Skies 360° 
  • Day 1 offered an awesome free model pack for Cinema 4D from GreyscaleGorilla
To get the gifts go to

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